Meet Drax the Dancer... Our New Mascot! | Chamberlain School of Ballet
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Meet Drax the Dancer… Our New Mascot!

Meet Drax!

drax the dancer

is half Saint Bernard and half Mastiff. This new puppy may occasionally be up at the studio for Nutcracker rehearsals.

In addition to making all the posters and flyers you see around the studio and community, Ryan will be our host dad for this year’s production. As such, Drax might be up patiently waiting for his buddy to finish rehearsals.

Drax LOVES people, and he very much enjoys being pet and loved. You are more than welcome to tell him hello if you see him. He always enjoys meeting people (and is sometimes confused when he’s ignored). However, he is also quite the sleepy guy. So if he tries to wander away from you, please don’t take it personally. He’s probably just had a long day (it doesn’t take much).

We only want our students and families to feel safe and comfortable around Drax when and if he comes to dance. As such, please do not hesitate to tell Ryan, Ms. Kathy, or another staff member if your student or child is worried about Drax.