Yoga, Adult Ballet and Dance | Chamberlain School of Ballet
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Open Enrollment Programs

Yoga, Ballet, Tap, Modern, and Whole Body Conditioning

Open Classes

Yoga and Conditioning

Tuesday / Thursday12:00 - 1:15 pm

Ballet, Tap, and Modern

Intermediate / AdvancedTuesday / Thursday9:30 - 11:00 am
BeginnerThursday11:00 - 12:00 pm
IntermediateSaturday9:30 - 11:00 am
IntermediateWednesday7:00 - 8:30 pm

Open enrollment Ballet, Tap, and Modern.

Chamberlain School of Ballet is proud to offer several different classes for adults and teens. If you are looking to have fun with dance, our open enrollment program is for you! Prior dance experience is NOT required, and many of our students are just now learning ballet, tap, and/or modern as adults.

All of our open enrollment classes are designed to be a fun and energizing workout for all students. Whether you are learning your first tendu or are a lifelong dancer, our classes’ nurturing and welcoming atmosphere will only prove to further your love of dance!

Adult Ballet

Adult ballet consists of a traditional barre and center floor work. Classes are designed to accommodate a variety of training backgrounds. Ballet develops confidence, coordination, strength, flexibility and body awareness and is a great workout for teens and adults. There is no formal dress code but please do not wear anything baggy. Ballet slippers are required. Classes are taught by Kathy Chamberlain.

Open Enrollment Adult Ballet and Fitness

Tap Dance

Tap class will define small locomotor Movement to incorporate America’s oldest art form in the articulation of heels and toes while syncing upper body fluidity. Dancers will learn historic basics and new choreography. All levels are welcome. Tap shoes required. Classes are taught by Dory Kyrias.

Chamberlain School of Ballet students rehearse a modern piece in Plano, TX

Modern Dance

Adult modern will explore basic modern techniques. The emphasis in this class will be on technique development, and familiarity of contemporary meters and rhythms. In this class there will be a focus on use of weight, momentum, and gravity to create a secure sense of placement, strength, and ease of movement. Classes are taught by Asia Waters.

Hatha Yoga

Learn how to master Hatha yoga asanas (postures) and slow moving sequences geared towards muscle strengthening, flexibility, balance, and concentration. Learn breathing techniques and how to integrate movement with breath. Each class will end with about 5 minutes of relaxation, to allow the body to fully benefit from the yoga practice. The studio has yoga mats on site; however, it is recommended to bring along a personal yoga mat, if available, with the student name marked in a corner. We recommend students refrain from eating one-two hours before class.


Angie Shapira

Angie is a certified yoga teacher with 19 years of yoga experience.  Her background in natural therapies helps her put emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of yoga and explains these benefits to her students.  Her teaching focuses on correct alignment (according to the Iyengar yoga method) and use of props, both meant to avoid injury and help mastering the poses.

The file will open in a new tab, and it contains the schedule and information for all our open enrollment dance and yoga classes for adults and teens.