2019 Spring Performance Week Scheduling | Chamberlain School of Ballet
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2019 Spring Performance Week Scheduling

Dear Chamberlain Families,
Dress Rehearsal week is shaping up to be an exciting week culminating in wonderful performances on Saturday, 
April 27th. There are a few reminders that we want everyone to know about.  We appreciate your help in making this production run smoothly.
1)  For all Pre-Ballet and Ballet classes, please wear pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers in keeping with the classical ballet tradition.  For make-up, ALL dancers should wear eye shadow, mascara, blush/rouge, and lipstick.  This should be slightly darker than street wear make-up since the stage lights tend to “fade out the face”.  Hair should be slicked back (no bangs) and in a neat bun with no “wispies” unless otherwise told by your dancer’s teacher.  Also, the Jazz, Tap, Modern, Creative Movement, Musical Theater Dance, and Ballroom teachers should have notified you if your dancers need anything different for hair and make-up.  If your teacher has given you specific instructions, please follow them.
2)  Please remember that your dancer’s costume is to be brought to the theater – NOT WORN to the theater!  Even when leaving, your dancer will need to be dressed in street clothes, not a costume.  This is for both dress rehearsals and performances.
3)  We will be following the Eisemann Center’s policy that has been established to manage traffic flow backstage.  Since we are using the Hill Performance Hall, our check-in table will be placed at the NORTH backstage door.  Please us this door when bringing your dancer to the theater.  This door is closest to the attached parking garage and will have a sign posted outside.  If is located on Performance Drive.  Do not enter thru the front lobby when bringing your dancer to the theater!
The check-in table will be right inside the NORTH backstage door and only one parent/guardian will be allowed past the check-in table with their dancer to go to the dressing rooms.  This parent/guardian must receive a wristband to wear.  No one without a wristband will be allowed in the dressing rooms or backstage.  Absolutely no non-participating children will be allowed past the check-in table and downstairs to the dressing room.  So please plan to have an additional adult to supervise the non-participating children and take them into the theater.  No children can be left at the check-in table.
While backstage and downstairs, please follow the RED signs.  For all dress rehearsals, the way to the theater will be thru the loading dock and entering the theater thru Aisle 4 from the north.  For the performances, all audience members must enter thru the main lobby.  Only one dancer and one parent/guardian will be allowed backstage and in the dressing rooms – again must have a wristband.  Attached are two maps showing the RED walking paths for the dress rehearsals and performances.  There are two maps, one for the family members during the dress rehearsals and one for the family members during the performances.  Please take the time to look other them.  
For those who are sitting in the audience during dress rehearsals, please use the restroom facilities that are in the front lobby located by Aisle 1/2.  There are no backstage bathrooms.
At the end of the rehearsals and performances after retrieving your dancer from the dressing rooms, please make pre-arrangements to meet the rest of your family and friends somewhere other than the backstage area.  There will not be room around the check-in table.
4)  For all Tap Students, when you are not on stage please carry your tap shoes and wear street shoes going to and from the dressing rooms, the stage and also no tap shoes in the Eisemann Lobby.  For Creative Movement and Modern Students, please bring shoes to wear from the dressing rooms to the stage/theater.  No bare feet until you are going on stage.  Remember, socks are not shoes!
5)  For students in both performances and have the same dressing room for both shows, we ask that you put all your “stuff” in a dressing room locker and not leave it on the counters or floor.  The janitors will be cleaning between the shows.
6)  Please note that the dressing rooms will be unlocked an 1/2 hour before rehearsals, so even though we want you to be on time, please don’t arrive too early either!
7)  $2 Parking Passes for the attached parking garage are available at the school’s front desk or at the check-in table.  They are only good for dress rehearsals days.  On performance day there is Event Parking and will cost $5 (cash only).
8)  There is no adult supervision provided between the performances.  All children must be picked up in a timely manner.  Our faculty and staff would like to enjoy have a dinner break and not have to wait on parents to pick up their dancers!
9)  If you are interested in being a chaperone for one of the performances, please see Carolyn Cox.  The children that are not in the first half of the show are brought up to the balcony (in costume) to watch.  Just before intermission, they are brought down and arranged backstage for the second half.  The children that are in the first half of the show can be pick up at intermission or they can stay with the chaperones to watch the rest of the show from the balcony.  After the show they can be picked up from the dressing rooms.  If you dancer wants to sit in the balcony after intermission, please let Carolyn Cox know at dress rehearsal.
10)  If there are any emergencies or traffic situations during dress rehearsal and/or performance hours, please contact Carolyn Cox at 972-679-4740.  
11)  There will be a Studio Boutique in the Eisemann Lobby during the performances for your gift and floral needs.
The Spring Semester continues with regular dance classes until Saturday, May 18th.  Registration for summer classes and the 2019-2020 school year will begin May 1st.  Please see the front desk for a registration form or print out the attached form to bring to the school.  We hope to have all our dancers in some of the summer classes and in classes for next year!  If you are not coming back, please tell us as soon as possible.  This helps with planning our school year class schedule.
Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through. The faculty and staff enjoyed working with your student and are looking forward to the shows.